Gwenaelle Grivel

Marketing Project Manager

Histoire d’Or
Talent Gwenaelle Grivel

What is your job?

Since January 2022, I have been the Marketing Project Manager for the brand Histoire d’Or. My role is to be the guardian of the brand’s platform and communication. I translate the commercial animation plan into a 360° communication plan (in-store advertising, catalogs, digital, packaging, etc.). To develop all commercial operations for the brand (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas…) and ensure their implementation, I manage and collaborate with several external partners (communication agency, printers, dispatchers…), and I ensure the coherence of communication on all customer touchpoints.

What is your career background?

I have been with Thom Group for over 7 years. After completing preparatory classes for higher education and joining Toulouse Business School, I grew and evolved within the Group. After my first internship as an assistant marketing project manager for the Trésor & J’M brands, I continued the adventure with a one-year apprenticeship as a junior marketing project manager for the Trésor & Smizze brands as part of my Master’s degree. Freshly graduated in 2019, the Group offered me a new opportunity in a permanent position as a merchandising project manager for Histoire d’Or. After 3 years in the merchandising department, in January 2022, I chose to return to my first love: marketing!

Can you describe a typical day?

There isn’t really a typical day in the life of a marketing project manager, and that’s what I love about my job! The challenge is to reinvent oneself every day, to follow and anticipate trends and expectations in the retail sector, stores, consumers, field stakeholders while remaining true to the values and platform of the Histoire d’Or brand.

What thrills you about your job?

I appreciate being able to develop marketing campaigns from A to Z and manage several projects simultaneously from conception and execution to analysis to draw lessons for the following years. It’s a job that fascinates me because it allows me to satisfy my thirst for discovery, to be more attentive than ever to the world around me, to maintain a creative and analytical spirit, and to participate in the evolution of the Histoire d’Or brand. I am fortunate not only to work with a passionate, creative, and cohesive marketing team but also to work closely with a large number of different professions. I am constantly learning new things. I don’t like routine, and in my job, you never get bored.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which ones resonate with you the most? And how do you experience them daily?

Undoubtedly, the most important value for me and in my job is Team Spirit. Being a project manager is also and above all about rallying people around a common goal to make it a collective success. It is also about meeting people, exchanging ideas with colleagues and external service providers, helping each other, and moving forward together. This value is very important in the Group, and we all share it, providing daily motivation. The second value that speaks to me the most is Audacity. It’s about always going further, exceeding limits. It’s also about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone to innovate. Essential for a marketing project manager! And again, the key is to dare collectively!

An anecdote?

After my internship and apprenticeship in the marketing department, I joined the merchandising team as a project manager. For my first days, I was sent to integration in the field with visual merchandisers. I had never worked on a store display before. Someone asked me to straighten all the jewelry in a display. Well… I made everything fall! I understood at that moment that a new challenge awaited me, and the role of a project manager is never acquired!

The main qualities to perform your job?

In addition to being extremely well-organized and rigorous, it is necessary in this job to give a significant place to humanity since you will interact daily with people with very varied profiles. You must also demonstrate adaptability and flexibility as you often have to deal with unforeseen events, manage delays that can question the initially fixed plan.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Take the time to choose a job in which you can fully flourish, a job that inspires you, that makes you want to get up every morning. It is also essential to choose a company that suits you. We spend more than a third of our day at work: so, choose a company that aligns with your convictions and shares your values!