Founded in 1856, OROVIVO is a brand that combines modernity with tradition on the German market. Our brand has a history that began in the Erzgebirge in 1856. Only few companies can look back on such a history.

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Brand history

OROVIVO stands for modern and timeless jewellery, for sparkling beauty and special moments, and has done so since 1856.

Today we are represented throughout Germany. But our roots lie deep in the Erzgebirge.

Horst Knapp founded the jewellery company KNAPP in 1856.

Thus he laid the foundation for OROVIVO and a long history full of golden moments and shining highlights.

The universe of the brand

We challenge the traditional truths of the jewelry industry.
We are breaking with exclusive norms and elitism.
Because OROVIVO stands for diversity and individuality. We want that our customers feel comfortable just as they are.
Our jewelry is aimed at every budget, every occasion and every personal style, so that there is something special for everyone

Our vision

Your jeweler. That’s how we want to be perceived.
We are ambitious and on our way to becoming the market leader for jewelry and watches in Germany. OROVIVO is the brand that everyone associates with the purchase of jewelry and watches.

Our values

Buying jewellery is a matter of trust. That is why you are in the right place. You benefit from our unshakable values, which we live for you every day – with excellent service and a constantly growing range of convincing jewellery ideas



We always take the next step forward but remain true to our professional and customer-friendly identity. This is how Horst Knapp wanted it, this is how we still want it.



Uncompromising quality and a passion for radiant jewellery ideas characterize our range of products and our company.

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