Be Maad

Each Be Maad jewel tells a unique story and enhances a singular moment in life.

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Brand history

Laura Attias created Be Maad to offer authentic, high-quality jewelry that can be worn every day. As a self-taught designer, Laura has mastered the secrets of gemstones and the art of jewelry-making. She is knowledgeable about raw materials and all the techniques involved.

From sketching and drawing to selecting raw materials, conducting durability tests, and manufacturing, Be Maad oversees every step of the creation and production chain.

The origin of each stone is known. All Be Maad jewelry is handmade in the brand’s workshops, with each contour meticulously crafted point by point, stroke by stroke, with precision and finesse, in complete transparency.

The universe of the brand

Laura understands that a true creative jewel is not just a simple assembly of pieces, and that each woman has a stone that intimately suits her.

Thus, Laura infuses powerful and radiant imagination into her collections to design characterful jewelry that adapts to each woman’s style and enhances those who wear them.

Be Maad embodies exceptional artisanal craftsmanship. All the stones used are natural, semi-precious, and unique. They are crafted using ancestral know-how to preserve their purity and distinctive characteristics.

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