Histoire d’Or

Since 1986, Histoire d'Or has been reinventing traditional jewellery as a means of expression
with no limits on price, models or occasions to celebrate.

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Brand history

The story behind Histoire d’Or, is the story of a young man who, after visiting all the jewelry stores in Cannes in search of a gift for his mother, realized that jewelry was reserved for an elite.

He then imagined a new model: a jewellery store that would no longer be exclusive and intimidating, but open and generous; a jewellery store freed from traditional conventions, able to carry the voice of all, with no limit to price, model or occasions to celebrate.

Since 1986, the men and women behind Histoire d’Or have continued to reinvent jewellery: imagining new standards, new services and new experiences, always inviting women and men to express themselves, to assert their personality and to put gold in all their stories. There’s always a Story of Gold (“Histoire d’Or”)

“The great jeweller of all possibilities.”

The universe of the brand

Histoire d’Or is a unique brand with the expertise and traditional know-how of a French jeweller.

Firstly, through its architectural concept, made efficient and memorable. With an identity colour, the red, with a fully opened store, and with efficient merchandizing and store layout, Histoire d’Or stores are designed to help customers in their search for the best gift, for themselves or for others.

Secondly, with a unique range of products, going from fashionable jewellery to timeless pieces, and dedicated to everyone’s style and budget.

Finally, the brand has built an unparalleled network of over 390 stores in prime locations and reached over the last years a unique online presence. Histoire d’Or constantly reinforces its omnichannel capabilities, to offer customer a unique shopping experience.

“Add gold to all your stories”

Histoire d’Or celebrates all stories with jewels: from every-day stories to once-in-a-lifetime events, from small joys to memorable occasions, Histoire d’Or stands to celebrate and remind every magical moment.

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