Founded in 1996, Stroili is the leading brand of affordable jewellery in Italy.

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Brand history

Stroili was established in 1996, thanks to the innovative idea of making the jewellery world affordable to anyone revolutionizing the jewellery’s concept.  
In 2016 Stroili was acquired by THOM with the aim to support the further expansion in Italy with new openings in shopping mall and strategic flagship in streets shops offering consistently precious, beautiful and exquisitely jewels combining an excellent know-how and craftmanship to Italian goldsmiths’ tradition.

The universe of the brand

Stroili is the modern jewellery where everyone can find their best «emotion-value for money», thanks to a retail experience designed to provide fun, discovery with a personal guidance, a careful selection of products, unique in variety, from seasonal to timeless.
From diamonds and gold to non precious materials, Stroili’s jewellery keeps its key charateristics of luxuries preciousness, beauty and mixes them with a touch of glamour capable to add value to the beauty and the sensuality of its clients, expressing their full personality.
Each aspect of its customer experience, from product to packaging along its storytelling, is managed until the smallest detail contributing value to each choice.

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