THOM saga

In less than 40 years, THOM has become the european leader in affordable jewellery thanks to its portfolio of strong and omnichannel brands.


Launch of Histoire d’Or

The brand builds its success on a constant focus to make jewellery, historically only affordable to a few, affordable to all.


Acquisition of Marc Orian

Known for its innovative and technical expertise in the jewellery sector, Marc Orian is the first ever jewellery banner to open in shopping centers.


Launch of Trésor (France)

In less than 5 years, Trésor successfully has become a reference in the everyday low price jewellery and watches sector.


Launch of

The launch of the e-commerce website Histoire d’Or embodies the Group’s omnichannel strategy.


Acquisition of Stroili and Franco Gioielli (Italy)

Created in 1996, Stroili is the undisputed leader in affordable jewellery in Italy. THOM affirms its ambition to become a leading multilocal player in Europe.

THOM milestones 2016 Acquisition of Orovivo

Acquisition of OROVIVO (Germany)

THOM expands its footprint in Europe by acquiring Orovivo, a brand that combines modernity with tradition.


Acquisition of Agatha

THOM diversifies its portfolio with an iconic brand of trendy costume jewellery.


Creation of the Wholesale division : Timeway

With the acquisition of Venson Paris (now Timeway France) in September 2021 and the development of Timeway Italy, THOM has now a strong presence in France and Italy to distribut a first-class portfolio of watch and jewellery brands.


Creation of the Fashion division

THOM expands the Fashion division of the group, lead by Agatha, with the acquisition of Be Maad, Clyda and Scooter.

THOM strategy develop strong brands