Franco Gioielli

Founded in 1988, Franco Gioielli is THOM italian alternative generalist banner.
With a complementary positioning to Stroili, leading player in Italy, Franco Gioielli is positioned as the trusted and traditional player on affordable jewellery, guarantying good quality as well as the reliability of Italian craftmanship with always ever-affordable price.

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Launch of Franco Gioielli

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Brand history

Franco Gioielli was born in Turin in 1988, from the innovative mind of a Piedimontese businessman. Franco Gioielli was then acquired by Stroili Group in 2005 and now counts 36 jewellery stores, located in the best shopping malls of Italy.

Franco Gioielli is the trusted jewellery store inside shopping malls and guarantees the good quality as well as the reliability of italian craftmanship with an ever-affordable price.

The universe of the brand

With its jewels made with the most precious and certified materials, Franco Gioielli is able to face any request as far as gifts are concerned. A gift for others or oneself that carries the values of italian goldsmiths’ tradition.

Franco Gioielli stores are wide and bright and allow customers to approach jewellery’s world with an unprecedented simplicity.

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