All our teams work together to guarantee an optimal customer experience and to grow the Group

Our professions are rich, diversified, stimulating and focused on two objectives: making the jewellery universe accessible to everyone and delighting our customers. Our management leaves room for autonomy and the right to make mistakes, encouraging initiative and collaborative dynamics.

Our retail professions

Within the stores, the director, the sales manager and the advisers together form a team and share the same desire to satisfy their customers. We work hand in hand! In-store activities are rich and varied. Customer reception, advice, merchandising, arrivals, repairs, the life of a team… they are all part of our daily life. We are learning every day! Each store is looked after by a regional manager and a sales manager. We are here to support our teams!

THOM professions Sales assistant

Sales assistant

THOM Sales assistant accompany his clients whether making a spur of the moment purchase or one which symbolises a major event in their life. Teamwork is one of its driving forces.

THOM professions Sales manager

Sales manager

The Sales Manager supports his Director on a daily basis in his tasks: recruiting, training and leading the team on the sales area. This position is a springboard for accessing the role of Director.


Regional director

Manager and coach, the Regional Director supports and develops the skills of its employees in order to achieve turnover objectives. They are responsible for the implementation of the brands’ meet performance requirements

Talents Our professions Our retail professions store manager

Store manager

Passionate retailer, real leader on the sales area, the store manager develops the turnover of the store he is responsible for. As talent developer, he transmits his energy and his expertise to his team.

Our support professions

All our teams work together to guarantee an optimal customer experience and grow the Group. Product managers, buyers and e-commerce teams work closely together to offer on-trend jewellery and watches at affordable prices in our stores or on our commercial website. Teamwork is in our DNA. Merchandisers strive to create clear universes and customer experience and thus support in-store teams. Collaboration between headquarters and network team is our strength. From our platforms all over the world, the logistics teams ensure the delivery of all our products in Europe as soon as possible. Our priority: quickly deliver our jewellery to the store or your living room to satisfy your expectations. At the heart of this chain, our other support teams, such as finance, HR, IT, marketing and real estate, are key players in achieving our performance targets. We are all linked to each other in the goal of moving the Group forward.


Deputy supply Director

At the heart of logistics, the Deputy Supply Manager is present at all links in the product chain, from creation to marketing. He manages all the databases, coordinate product flows and place orders with suppliers.


Product manager

The Product Manager is responsible for the life of the products in their entirety, from their design to their sale. He studies market trends and needs, analyse ranges, identify opportunities and support launches.


Financial controller

Supporting the department to which he is attached, the financial controller provides the results of the economic and the operational the activity. In this, he supports the head of the unit in his decision-making.


E-shop manager

The E-Shop Manager provides support for visitors to the commercial sites, accompanying optimise their customer experience. an appealing commercial environment, merchandising, visual content, etc.