CSR - Developing a reponsive model -Major awareness campaign

Major awareness campaign for 100% of group employees

CSR - Developing a reponsive model -Major awareness campaign
CSR - Developing a reponsive model -Major awareness campaign

THOM is dedicated to instilling CSR principles at every level and within all business lines. This commitment ensures that the significant challenges of sustainable development are systematically embedded in the company’s overarching strategy.

CSR operates as a cross-functional entity with the pivotal role of structuring, acculturating, equipping, and supporting our teams. To foster transformation within the company, we recognise the pivotal role of awareness-raising as a highly effective tool.

This approach serves several crucial purposes:

  • Getting teams on board, facilitating a deeper understanding of the significance of CSR and encouraging active engagement,
  • Facilitating change acceptance, removing obstacles, and supporting the accelerated implementation of actions,
  • Encouraging people to participate in the transition.

This major awareness-raising program will take the form of collective intelligence workshops grounded in scientific data.

All headquarters employees will have the opportunity to participate in the “climate fresco” in order to better understand major climate changes, recognise the urgency for action, and identify the levers for change.
This knowledge empowers them to better support the transformation of our model for a significantly improved impact.
Moreover, 20 volunteer employees are trained to distribute the “climate fresco” to 100% of people at headquarters and central offices.

The CSR fresco, a tool specially created for sales teams and based on the climate fresco, will be used to raise awareness among all stores’s teams, enabling them to embrace CSR challenges and take daily actions that contribute to the ongoing transformation of our company. By the end of June, 100% of employees will have been made aware of the issues and a process will be put in place for all new recruits.