THOM for Me

THOM has introduced an assistance programme, THOM for Me, aimed at helping employees better manage the complexities of their lives and finding a harmonious balance between their personal and professional spheres.  

In recognition of the diverse personal situations of its employees, THOM is offering a range of free services, accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This initiative aims to ensure that the group is not only a hub for performance but a space that prioritises health, life balance and fulfilment at work.  

This new service is tailored to address various personal situations (including employees who are caregivers, those with disabilities, single parents, employees with financial difficulties, and those navigating through a divorce or experiencing domestic violence.) It is designed to simplify everyday life and help employees manage life’s demands.    

Employees have access to the following services:    

  • Social & family assistance: family, housing, health, disability, remaining in the workforce, budgeting, etc.
  • Psychological support: counselling and psychological follow-up   
  • Administrative and legal assistance: legal information, administrative support, document library  
  • Health assistance: medical concierge service, remote medical advice, health coaching
  • Concierge service/life assistance: housework, gardening, deliveries, collections, childcare, etc.

All employees have access to these services to help them manage their daily lives.   
A single telephone number, dedicated exclusively for THOM, will put them in touch with experts who can offer guidance and assistance based on their needs.

A communication and awareness-raising plan are being rolled out to ensure that everyone is aware of this new program.

For Me (Imagine Human group) is collaborating with THOM on this innovative project, ensuring alignment with the Group’s culture and organisational values.