Tina Vemparala

Head-Strategic Sourcing India & South East Asia

Talent Tina Vemparala

What is your job?

I manage the Strategic sourcing for India and South East Asia.

Identifying potential suppliers and delivering the best in terms of Products, price, quality, delivery and services to the group.Making sure the supplier is good enough and is aligned to group vision.

Responsible for growing and managing the overall sourcing and operations for the region and delivering the needs and requirements of THOM Group 

What is your background?

18+ years of experience in jewellery industry. I worked for 12 years in manufacturing side of business managing the business development  for Europe and Asia for the company and now on the other side of business managing the strategic sourcing for the Group. A professional who relishes in the challenge of growing and developing business.

Can you tell us about a typical day?

Fortunately, there is no  typical day as such, every day is new journey… We start our day with full energy and keep a very  lively and light environment. Focused on deliverables but never forget to laugh and smile and that creates so much ease for us everyday!!

What makes you enjoy your job on a day-to-day basis?

New projects , issues at times , problem solving, brain workouts and my energetic &dynamic team. Great level of satisfaction every day when I go back , it keeps me going !

Among the 5 values of the Group, which ones resonate with you the most? How do you experience them daily?

Demandingness – we are always looking to improve and be more efficient in our work. Attention to detailing internally and as well with the partners is the key! We together work very closely with our partners to see how we can improve on processes, products, Technicalities and with simple tweaks in our work pattern can be more efficient and productive in our deliverables

Team sprit – T-ogether / E-veryone / A-chieves / M-ore
Successful teams don’t happen by accident, they are made not born! I strongly believe in team work, I  trust and believe in my team. Give them a freehand and also make them responsible for their act. Let them lead from front and support them from back. Trust and confiding in them not only uplifts them but also creates a strong team within!!

An anecdote?

The launch of the Agatha website was a significant challenge as it involved many changes: a new technical platform – Salesforce -, a rebranding, and finally, the connection of a new logistics partner! We achieved all of this in a few months! This is the result of a very good team effort!

What are the main qualities required to do your job?

Strong negotiating skills, communication skills, networking, awareness of what’s going around, keeping myself well read and updated, being soft and humble yet Tough!!

What advice would you give to a new joinee just starting his career?

You are fortunate to be a part of of Thom group! It’s a dynamic group driven by young leaders. One of the very few companies where your opinions and suggestions doesn’t go unheard. You are free to voice up. My simple advise to new joinees would be work hard, work smart, keep learning, keep growing, complain less listen more and have a positive attitude!!
Good Better Best,
Never let it Rest,
Till Good becomes better and
Then the Best !!