Sabrina Howarth

Store Manager


Who are you and what is your position at OROVIVO?

My name is Sabrina Horwath, and I am the Store Manager at our OROVIVO branch in Cottbus.

Tell us about your career at OROVIVO?

I started my training as a retail saleswoman at OROVIVO in 1997. After completing my training, I spent 2 years traveling throughout Germany for OROVIVO, opening stores. I participated in inventories, trained employees, and supported various branches. I am now a Store Manager and, since this year, I am also allowed to train my first apprentice. It’s a great feeling since I started as an apprentice at OROVIVO myself 26 years ago.

What does your typical workday look like at OROVIVO?

I start every day in a good mood with a short team meeting to discuss what has happened and what tasks are on the agenda for the day. During the day, I ensure that the customer at OROVIVO has the best shopping experience. I motivate and push the employees daily to exceed our sales targets with internal promotions or small team challenges. The customer always has the highest priority, so I also ensure a smooth process when they are in the store.
To sum-up, there’s never a dull moment for us. Every day brings something new and challenges us anew. Of course, fun should never be missing.

What brings you a lot of joy in your daily work at OROVIVO?

Collaborating with people, customers, and colleagues who love jewelry and watches as much as I do. The daily collaboration with my great team thrills me because my branch feels like a second home to me.

What are the key requirements for a Store Manager?

I must be a good listener and observer, adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of each employee, and recognize them. Finding the right balance at all times for the role of a team player as well as a leader is essential. Loving and challenging yourself every day with a 360-degree view of employees, the store, customers – in short, the big picture – is a must.

What advice would you give to a new employee starting their career at OROVIVO?

My motto is: treat others, whether colleague or customer, the way you want to be treated. Respectful, loving, appreciative, honest, and transparent. As I like to say, “Choose a profession you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!”