Ingrid Cargnelutti

Administration & Accounting Coordinator


What is your job?

I am the head accountant and reference for the active cycle and the licensing department of the Stroili division.

What is your background?

I joined Stroili 18 years ago, starting as an accountant for the passive cycle, and since 2016, thanks to the people who believed in me and helped me grow professionally, I became the head accountant. In 2020, I was entrusted with coordinating the active cycle and the licensing department.

Can you tell us about a typical day?

My days are always very dynamic and demanding because, in addition to carrying out tasks related to my work, I have to provide support to all functions, both internal and external to my office. The topics addressed in a single day are always numerous and diverse, so it is necessary to have good mental flexibility.

What makes you passionate about your job?

Finding solutions to the problems that arise, being of assistance, seeing my colleagues grow professionally, and consequently, growing myself with them, make me happy. Every goal achieved together is a success for me.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which ones resonate with you the most? How do you live them daily?

Exigency: I am someone who demands a lot from myself first and foremost, but also from the people I work with.
Team spirit: I am convinced that only as a team can we give our best and achieve excellent results. Ideas and information must be shared to allow us to all row in the same direction.

An anecdote?

Last year, I participated in my first convention with my entire office, and it was an exciting experience. Meeting all colleagues and store managers was nice; for the active team, which has direct contact with the stores, it was important to have the opportunity to put faces to the many people they interact with daily. We look forward to the next event!

The main qualities for your job?

In my work, it is essential to be determined and have good organizational skills, as well as try to have everything under control; one must be proactive and have a good attitude toward problem-solving; having a 360° view of the company is essential to finding a solution, or at least trying!

What advice would you give to a young person starting out?

Take the trade from those with more experience than you. Learn from mistakes to improve every day. Advocate for your ideas and do not be afraid to give your opinion and point of view; every job can be improved, and you could be the one to make a difference.