Marco Licastro

Commercial Director


What is your job?

I follow two main axes: By one side I coordinate all the Retail projects, together with the Milan & Amaro Hq’s, in order to give the best working environment to our teams and the best shopping experience to our customers. I also manage and oversee the Retail Sales for our 3 Italian banners (Stroili – Franco Gioielli and Histoire d’Or) together with our amazing teams on the fields and the Regional managers.

What is your background? 

After a International Sciences’ Bachelor degree and a Retail master, I worked for Lidl, Decathlon and Sephora, filling up all the position from Dept manager to Store manager, then to Area manager and Commercial director, both in Italy and for 5 years in Scandinavia (Sweden & Denmark). I joined the group as Regional Manager which led me to my actual position.

Can you tell us about a typical day? 

My days pass in the blink of an eye! Starting at 7:30 with the swimming pool, then catching up with the e-mails, updating on yesterday’s sales and feedback from the store’s network together with my Team, then following several meetings on different topics in order to never stop the improving process. Otherwise visiting the stores in order to listen to our teams’ feedback and to verify the in-store Customer’s experience.

What makes you enjoy your job on a day-to-day basis? 

The variety of topics I am involved in, with many actors, from many countries, I can confront with, make my days always different and engaging.e/he does what she/he does. This will always keep them on the right track.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which two speak to you the most? How have you integrated them into your daily life? 

I am extremely committed in our strategy and I demand the same to my team. Team spirit, instead, is what make us strong together. I am convinced that by creating a safe self-expressing working environment we can be our best!

An anecdote? 

We love December, then We use to make a “Christmas calendar” where everyone of us is entitled, during her/his day, to start the morning with an energetic song and a quote, in order to keep everyone motivated and start every December day with a big smile.

What are the main qualities required to do your job?

The genuine passion of taking care of people, reflection and listening skills and always a positive attitude with a lot of energy!

What advice would you give to a new joinee just starting his career? 

To never stop asking herself/himself “Why” she/he does what she/he does. This will always keep them on the right track.