Tiphanie Rastel

Product Manager

Talent Tiphanie Rastel

What is your job?

I am a product manager for watch brands and jewelry brands at Timeway France. I define the product offering for each brand, exclusively for distribution in France, as well as the commercial and marketing strategy. Concretely, I select and purchase products per season, based on collection analysis (sell in/sell out) and market trends. I then sell these products in the French market through various distribution channels: department stores, independent stores, concept stores, e-commerce, etc. On the commercial side, I handle brand listing with key accounts and follow up with sales representatives for independent stores. On the marketing side, after establishing the strategy and marketing plan, I coordinate various promotional and communication actions.

What is your career background?

After a preparatory year and a business school, I started as an assistant product manager for ready-to-wear and accessories in the surfing industry. I then continued as a ready-to-wear product manager in the luxury children’s fashion sector, ultimately becoming a product manager for watches and jewelry at Timeway.

Can you describe a typical day?

At Timeway, there is no typical day. Each day brings its amount of surprises to manage! Generally, I start by reviewing sales, managing emails, preparing for upcoming meetings, and brainstorming new marketing ideas to boost sales.

What thrills you about your job?

What thrills me the most is discovering new products, brands, and trends every day—it never stops! The world of watches is so rich and fascinating, while the jewelry sector is always evolving and continuously reinventing itself. Since Timeway is a small company, I can be involved in various aspects and regularly manage new projects from A to Z.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which ones resonate with you the most? And how do you experience them daily?

Exigency and Audacity. Being demanding to improve performance while demonstrating audacity to innovate and not miss any opportunities.

An anecdote?

Before joining Timeway, I dreamt of affording the Nixon Time Teller. Today, I own several Guess watches, some GC, numerous Rosefield, different Bering, a Philipp Plein… but I still haven’t had my Time Teller, even though it’s part of our selection!

The main qualities for your job?

To do my job, you need to be rigorous and organized with an analytical mindset, be a bit curious, and have empathy, as with all jobs that have a commercial dimension.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Be passionate! For me, passion is clearly our main strength. It’s what allows us to fully invest in all the projects we undertake.