Delphine Lebarbier

Reverse Manager – Logistics Center

Talents Delphine Lebarbier

What is your profession?

I joined THOM in January 2018 as an e-logistics team leader. I was responsible for reception-preparation and packaging operations, overseeing a team of 20 collaborators. In 2020, I evolved and became the Reverse Manager.

What is your background?

Before joining the Group, I worked for service providers in the dematerialization and reprography fields, at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, at Snecma, Axa, and also at the François Mitterrand Library.

Can you describe your job?

As a Reverse Manager, I am responsible for all operations involving the return of products from stores to the central logistics center: stock balancing, defective products, supplier returns. This position requires technical skills and proficiency in Horizon, Reflex, and Excel software, and above all, great precision because all these flows have a high financial impact. The defined processes must be rigorously adhered to. Every day, I work closely with stores, internal control, management control, and accounting. I also have to be proactive in responding to all requests.

The main qualities for your job?

My analytical mind and perseverance allow me to respond to requests by proposing the most suitable solutions.

Can you describe a typical day?

What I love about the logistics profession is that no two days are alike. You have to face the uncertainties and imperatives that arise every day. Our activities are constantly evolving, and we must continually work on new processes and projects.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which ones resonate with you the most? How do you experience them on a daily basis?

What I appreciate the most today is the team spirit that has developed within the logistics, e-logistics, and transport teams, and even beyond. When I arrived in 2018, I was struck by the mutual assistance and commitment of the logistics teams within the center, but also of all the employees who came to help the stores during the Christmas period and for Black Friday.