Kamel Benazouz

Lead Developer


What is your job?

I have been a Lead Developer at THOM for 3 years. In charge of the Group’s e-commerce platform, I am the reference for developers, guiding and training them throughout projects. I am responsible for ensuring the good functioning of the e-commerce architecture and the quality of our code.

What is your career background?

Throughout my various experiences (Repetto, Groupe ETAM, LVMH, THOM), I have always wanted to invest in e-commerce projects and use my skills to provide the best digital experience for the customer. With great curiosity and passion for my job, I started alone in small structures and now lead a team of more than 10 developers for over 10 years.

Can you describe a typical day?

The day always starts with a 15-minute meeting, our daily stand-up. The goal is to allow each developer to communicate the progress of their assigned tasks and share any challenges they are facing. After that, my day is structured according to the period with project meetings, allowing me to understand business requirements and begin designing a custom technical solution. Finally, I still love coding, and I reserve time for that as well.

What thrills you about your job?

I enjoy imparting my skills within my team and helping the people around me grow. This is something I can do in the Group through our ambitious projects.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which ones resonate with you the most? And how do you experience them daily?

Although all 5 values of the group resonate with me, I have chosen two:
Team Spirit: With the developers, we are a true family. When one of them faces a problem, we are all there to help find a solution. #BestTeam
Commitment: I commit every day to having a high-performing platform that provides the best experience for our customers. I am equally committed to the various teams that contribute to the sites.

An anecdote?

When I arrived, I was surprised by how easily we could communicate within the Group. We convey our ideas in a straightforward manner, allowing us to work calmly and give our best.

The main qualities to perform your job?

The main qualities are listening, perseverance, and curiosity.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Believe in yourself and dive in wholeheartedly.