THOM CSR Improving energy performance

Improving energy performance

THOM has set an ambitious target to reduce energy consumption across all its sites, including headquarters and stores, by 40% by 2030.
To achieve this, we have launched an energy sobriety plan to reduce our consumption (particularly in air conditioning, heating, and lighting, which collectively account for 80% of our energy usage).

Our actions include:

  • optimising our installations and their settings (choice of equipment and materials offering the best energy performance, deploying home automation at our sites, and transitioning stores to 100% LED equipment, and more)
  • optimising our usages by turning off signs when stores are closed, using partial lighting when staff are working while stores are closed to customers, optimising lighting in social premises, and setting temperature controls (e.g., programming heating at a maximum of 19° C in winter and turning off air conditioning if the outside temperature is below 26° C), and more.


To engage all employees in this energy-saving challenge, we have incentivised them by setting targets in our profit-sharing agreement.

Finally, to help us to monitor our performance, we implemented a digital solution throughout the Group to measure and manage consumption at our facilities.

An energy committee convenes regularly to assess the impact of our actions and adjust our strategies.

The early results are promising, with a 4.9% reduction in consumption in FY23.