The THOM academy is being rolled out in the following countries


with Nathalie Vegnan France, HR Development Manager & Elena Vittorello, Italy HR Development Manager

Nathalie Vegnan France HR Development Manager

Nathalie Vegnan
France HR Development Manager


Elena Vettorello
Italy HR Development Manager


As part of its We THOM plan, the Group is committed to transforming its training academies into reference schools—innovative, educational institutions capable of professionalising all employees and enabling everyone to seize the career opportunities offered within the Group.

How is the Group meeting this commitment?

Nathalie : The men and women of THOM are at the heart of the Group’s success. We need to attract talent, develop it and retain it. It’s important to remember that jewelry is a highly intricate profession. It takes months and months to learn about the products, techniques, procedures, services, and more. THOM has been developing a highly ambitious training policy for many years, in line with the specific nature of our businesses and our development  objectives. We’ve established a company university, the “THOM Academie”, to support employees throughout their careers, from induction to advancement, by offering training covering all aspects of their work.

Does Italy share the same ambitions?

Elena : We have the same high standards for all the countries in the Group. Our businesses
are the same, and we rely on the best practices that have been tried and tested in our French
academy for years. That’s why we work in unison with all the countries in which we operate.

How does our French academy support other countries?

N. :  France has a wealth of experience in training, with our academy being over 10 years old. Our goal is to leverage this expertise to accelerate the development of skills in other countries,
primarily by providing training in the fundamentals of the business.
Today, drawing on our international experience, we’ve decided to enhance our organisation.
We’ve structured ourselves with the addition of an international project manager who is a
business expert, having joined us one year ago.
We offer partnerships tailored to the needs, size and maturity of each country.

In Italy, have you also had to adapt your organisation?

E. :   In Italy, we’ve prioritised the sales process, which we were able to implement in a very
short time, drawing on French expertise. And that’s just the beginning… Therefore, we are
resizing our training department to optimise our development and become a corporate
university as robust as the one our group has established in France.

Are there any other advantages to creating group synergies?

E :  The internationalisation of training also helps to bring countries closer together and fosters
a common culture by sharing best business practices.
N. :  It also enables us to develop a consistent management culture. We are also implementing
a group leadership model, which will strengthen cohesion and enhance the overall
performance of our organisation. This aligns with a key objective of our We THOM plan.