THOM, a responsible company, is committed to a range of issues: social, economic and environmental

The Group has been committed to developing its corporate social responsibility for many years and decided to launch the WeTHOM plan in 2021, bringing together all of the CSR initiatives into one single ambitious approach.

Promoting our employees’ development throughout their career

“Our Training policy is based on a firm belief: our employees are key to our success”.
THOM ensures all their employees working in the stores, head offices and logistics departments can benefit from training programs and constant support to enable them to fulfil their potential, from the time of their recruitment onward and throughout their career. This kind of support promotes the employees’ operational excellence, which is part of THOM’s DNA.
Among THOM, internal mobility and promotion offer a full range of opportunities.
Internal mobility is limitless at THOM. Our CEO, Romain Peninque, began his career within the Group…working in a store. Everything has been put in place to allow anyone to progress in their career or change jobs.
The Group has mapped all its jobs, career paths and opportunities for mobility. Every year, around 15% of THOM’s employees benefit from functional mobility within the Group. All positions are concerned.

Employees’ safety and well-being

THOM Cares about their employees – The Group set up safe workplace for employees

The Group, comprising 92% female employees, takes very seriously the issue of respect for gender equality and obtained a score of 94/100 on the 2022 Professional Equality Index.)

Salary gap by age and status
Individual wage increase gap
Promotion gap
Percentage of women who received an increase after their maternity leave
Number of women/men within the 10 highest remunerations

2022 Professional Equality Index


Guaranteeing a responsible supply chain

Since 2019, THOM has adopted a policy of ensuring that all of its suppliers are certified.
Our suppliers are audited before we start working with them by independent and recognized auditors (Bureau Veritas, QIMA). These bodies evaluate all of our suppliers at least once every two years. In addition, THOM teams are free to audit suppliers themselves on a regular basis and without prior warning.
Since 2018, THOM has also adopted a policy with all of its suppliers.
Our suppliers sign a charter in which they undertake to comply with local and international law and they have to respect human and environmental requirements.

Reducing our environmental impact

Offering sustainable

THOM wants to develop a full strategy to improve the sustainability of its products so as to encourage more responsible consumption and reduce its environmental footprint.

Reusing faulty
or unsold products

THOM has developed a network for reclaiming faulty or unsold products.

Reducing the energy consumption of points of sale
THOM has initiated a process to reduce the energy consumption of its points of sale. Switching to energy-efficient lighting has been the main measure implemented over recent years.

Our governance charter

Our governance charter signed by all the managers of the Group sets out the rules on spending, transparency, equity and loyalty in relations with third parties, knowledge of current procedures and regulations in force, awareness of social and environmental stakes.
A Group procedural note signed by all managers (and automatically thereafter upon the arrival of new managers) which gives them full knowledge of the rules implied by their status and the engagement and validation thresholds. A specific statement is included for the Chinese wall versus Thom Trade.
In line with our CSR approach, THOM supported social organisations and the international network AD schools.

AlphaOmega Foundation

Created by Maurice Tchenio in 2010, the AlphaOmega Foundation aims to boost social mobility in France by providing the country’s leading educational associations with the financial, strategic and operational support they need to scale up. AlphaOmega currently owns a 4% stake in THOM Group. The group’s growth helps to finance its actions and tackle the social issues facing us today.

The key dates of our social commitment