Our strategy

A unique customer experience via omnichannel and multi-local brands.


A multi-local and omnichannel Group

Multi-local player with leading banners in 6 geographics omnichannel Group :
Retail, Wholesale, Master Franchise, e-Commerce websites.
Digital is growing with 7% revenues online.


Affordable precious

Histoire d’Or Marc Orian Trésor Agatha
Histoire d’Or Marc Orian Agatha

Franco Gioielli
Histoire d’Or


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A massive customers community

A development based on a strong base of satisfied customers

members in our membership programs

Annual Traffic, almost 50% of which through our web-stores
New customers every year
A constant adaptation to customers behaviors


Stable 38 years old average customer


MOBILE represents 76% of online traffic and 63% of online sales


followers reached through social media

Our development is reinforced by our strong and integrated back office


Our purchasing teams are based in each of the main regions of production of jewellery and watches over the globe. They are experts in jewellery and watch industry on their geographies, and have a strong retail and customer oriented culture. They are permanently investigating new designs and product oportunities for the benefit of our customers.


They work on a daily basis with each of our banners offer teams and our suppliers in order to develop the best products for our clients: jewels and watches that will satisfy them on the long term for an affordable price.

We work with world class manufacturers that all have an individual and specific know how in the jewellery and watch manufacturing.

We have the highest standards criterias to select them, from their capacity to collaborate with our teams to develop products meeting with our specific market demands, their manufacturing capability, and their cost efficiency. 

They work on a daily basis with each of our banners offer teams and our suppliers in order to develop the best products for our clients: jewels and watches that will satisfy them on the long term for an affordable price.

Considering the very large number of customers to serve, but also the fact that each jewel is unique, we have developped very strong partnerships with our suppliers, including the implementation of specific programs covering supply chain excellence and maximum service for our clients.

Our strong position in the retail jewellery sector gives us a responsibity: contribute to a responsible production and supply chain at every level: raw material, well being and security of people involved, low environemental impact, product durability. 

Our suppliers work in the full respect of our standards, which cover quality, supply chain, ethical and environmental considerations. Our standards are at least at the level or of the most demanding international requirements (RJC, SMETA, BSCI). 

Our suppliers are audited before any collaboration, and are subject to regular audits both from our own teams and by independant recognized auditors.


THOM has develop along the years a real know how to design, buy and distribute jewellery and watches in its industry.

With supplier in Europe mainly but also Asia, we have develop strong partnership in order to accelerate our time to market and give to customer the widest offer in the retail industry.   

For our complex network of store, franchise and wholesale, and e-commerce we have defined strong process to deliver in the right time a wide range and demanding customer expectation.

With more than 1000 stores in France/Italy/Germany/Belgium/Luxembourg and Spain, we prepare per year more than 15 millions units with our own employees searching always for operations excellence.

Supply chain is key for THOM’s performance.


Group Finance department plays a key role in the THOM’s organization by relying on experienced financial teams in each country. 
THOM’s Finance function is fully embedded to lead strategic projects worldwide successfully.


In order to keep searching for the best customer experience, THOM has decided to invest massively in a new IT platform.

This new infrastructure designed with end users (master data, finance, supply, buying and offer,..) integrates all the specificity and regulations of the jewellery business

This Group core system is settled to integrate all type of channel of distribution in Europe and easy to integrate new acquisition.   

For that purpose, we have initiated partnership with best in class technology companies and start up in order to support the omnichannel development of our brands in each country.

For our employees, we have also chosen innovative solution to develop interaction between countries, facilitate decisions and integrate new way of working.

Definitely IT is a pilar of our success.