Danielle Van der Vlugt​

Sales Assistant at
Histoire d’Or in belgium

"Teamwork is essential in a store where you welcome customers"

Can you tell us about a typical day?

None of our days can be described as typical, because our customers are so different! The first customers that come into the store usually set the tone for the day, and it is most of the times a positive tone, but you never know what to expect!

What are the qualities necessary for your job?

You need a lot of soft skills such as being patient, friendly and understanding with customers whatever happens. I think you also need to be a flexible person and adapt to different situations when necessary.

What makes THOM Group a particularly human company for you?

The person who interviewed me for this job gave me the opportunity even though I didn’t have any experience working in a store. She trusted me and was open to me learning. I found this attitude very human and also stimulating.

I also see Thom Group is a Human enterprise in the attitude we have towards each other in my team. I feel that I can really be myself and will not be judged for it. I feel the Group encourages creating positive work environments, and it is a great way to stimulate employees to reach their full potential.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which two speak to you the most? And how have you integrated them into your daily life?

Teamwork is essential in a store where you welcome customers. It is very important to watch out for each other in the team.

Commitment is also extremely important because of the flexibility that is required sometimes to keep offering your customers the best service.

What do you think is the secret of a successful day?

A day is successful for me if I have been able to make a customer happy. I find it very fulfilling when a customer that came into the store upset and worried, because he hasn't found the perfect gift for example, leaves the store with a smile on his face.