Barbara Mariani

Senior Product Manager
at Stroili Oro

"I also really love that our products are meant to be part of a story and bring joy to people"

What do you like about THOM Group?

I love that my job is at the crossroads of so many different people and skills. It is so stimulating and intense that time really flies. It has already been almost 1 ½ year and it seems that I started out only yesterday.

I also really love that our products are meant to be part of a story and bring joy to people. It is a bit like creating an emotion for someone else, an emotion that can be shared, worn and lived.

What are the qualities necessary for your job?

My position requires a combination of creativity, intuition, strategic thinking, analytical and negotiation skills, as well as the ability to work in a team. A deep affinity with the consumer and the products are also a must, as well as the ability to offer the right product at the right time.

It is also important to have an entrepreneurial spirit to lead projects, be flexible and open-minded to seize opportunities.

Why did you choose THOM Group?

I chose to join THOM Group for the great opportunity it represents: to work in an inspiring industry with inspiring people. It is the leader in the jewellery industry for its market segment, and this gives me great pride and enthusiasm. On top of this, I truly believe in and share the group’s mission of making jewellery affordable to all.

Today I feel that my experience at THOM Group is really making me grow as a professional and as a person.

What makes THOM Group a particularly human company for you?

I see it every day in the way people are empowered to give the best of their qualities and skills in their roles. From day 1, I had the feeling that at Thom Group, every person and every point of view count.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which two speak to you the most? And how have you integrated them into your daily life?

Demandingness: In my job, I am very demanding towards myself. I am quite a perfectionist, I give a lot in that aspect, and I also expect a lot in return from my colleagues and suppliers in terms of quality, precision, responsiveness.

Commitment: Being committed is something very natural to me in my job, as I am very passionate and enthusiastic about what I do. I am naturally committed to giving the best I can in my role.

What has been your best moment at THOM Group?

Among others, one of my best memories is my first time at Hong Kong International Jewellery Fair in February 2019. It was my first time at such a huge and inspirational trade show, and I remember being thrilled with everything I saw and the people I met.

It is a fond memory especially because it was the first time I got to meet the whole Group: the Histoire d’Or team in France, OROVIVO team in Germany, buyers from Hong-Kong and India… We spent a lot of time together to get to know each other, to explore the fair and to meet our Far East suppliers. I particularly enjoyed the last day, when we sat all together to share ideas, experiences and advice.

I really felt I was part of a team and it increased my sense of belonging.