Alix du Halgouet


"I appreciate the ‘test & learn’ method, which encourages us to try things out without setting limits"

What is it about your job with THOM Group that you especially enjoy?

It's a 360° job that allows me to be in touch with all the company's departments. I appreciate the ‘test & learn’ method, which encourages us to try things out without setting limits and also the fact that we always place the customer at the heart of our priorities.

What are the qualities necessary for your job?

You have to be proactive, persevering, curious, analytical, listen to your team and know how to challenge each other on a daily basis.

Why did you choose THOM Group?

It was during the recruitment process that I became aware of the values of the group, in particular the desire to try things out, to learn, without setting limits. It immediately appealed to me.

What makes THOM Group a particularly human company for you?

At THOM Group the departments are very close, there is a lot of communication and sharing. This makes the human relationships very accessible and allows us to move forward together faster and more easily.

Among the 5 values of the Group, which two speak to you the most? And how have you integrated them into your daily life?

Commitment : I strive to give my team a common goal to make them want to work side by side with me. Distributing information well throughout the chain of command is important to motivate and move forward together.

Boldness : There is no such thing as a bad idea, anyone can get it wrong. We use a ‘test & learn’ logic: if it works so much the better and if it doesn't, at least we will have tried.

What has been your best moment at THOM Group?

Without hesitation, the launch of the new Marc Orian site. It was a very rewarding piece of teamwork in collaboration with marketing, IT, and e-commerce. The result is testament to the work we put in. It gives real satisfaction!