Smizze was born in 2019 and targets 18-25-years old with the idea of breaking with traditional ways of buying jewellery, making the process simpler.
Smizze is for all those who are curious, creative, unpredictable, unique and diverse at the same time...
And it promises a multitude of new jewellery finds and instant favourites.







"Combine, separate, mix, match, swipe, flash, create, and above all, enjoy!
Smizze, the jewellery store that inspires you every day to make changes without changing everything.

Soustraction 19

Smizze aims to surprise and to fulfil all your jewellery and watch desires, united in one magical place.

Each season, Smizze provides the opportunity to mix styles, to show the multiple facets of your personality, to play with the rules, to play with fashion.

Smizze accompanies your metamorphoses whether large or small,
it is the destination of all your imagination’s desires.

Transform yourself, combine, mix styles, jewellery, watches and brands according to your desires your passions and the moment.
Shiny Crush, Bohemian Touch, Crazy Sweet, Glam Time, Graphic Lines and more!